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My family and I have been looking for a brother for our female pit for awhile.When about three weeks ago we found Gumbo with the help of Guardian.Which now we call him Gator and he has been a great addition to our family we all love him so much,including Hana.We could not imagine him not being in our family,we are so blessed to have him.So we would like to say a big thank you to everyone with Guardian for your help and kindness that yall giving us.... The Woodruff Family


A couple of years ago my wife and I adopted a Pug from PugHearts of Houston so that the Pug we had would have a brother.  While discussing my desire to adopt a pit bull with the founder of PugHearts, she recommended a pit bull rescue called Guardian Pit Bull Rescue and expressed her love and admiration for the work and they do.  I have always loved pit bulls and other bully breeds and was well aware of the negative perception and stigma they have as I grew up in South Florida where there is breed specific legislation that bans pits.  The most important trait in any pit we would adopt was temperament, he or she needed to be good with kids and other dogs, especially our Pugs!  After seeing a picture of a pit bull named Daddy on Guardian's Facebook page I contacted Lauren, the adoption coordinator for Guardian, and discussed him with her at length.  Lauren took the time to discuss Daddy with me at length, patiently answering every question my wife and I had about him.  We met Lauren at an event and instantly fell in love with Daddy and his calm demeanor.  After giving it some serious thought, my wife and I decided to adopt Daddy and renamed him Cooper.  I was so excited to adopt Cooper that I even marked the date we would bring him home on my calendar and felt like a kid on Christmas Eve.  We've only had him for three days, but so far he is exactly what Lauren said he was.  Lauren and Guardian Pit Bull Rescue made my dream of having a pit bull come true and we will be forever thankful for helping us add a third "child" to our family.  Thank you Guardian Pit Bull Rescue!​​​
I wanted to share our experience with GPBR and Venessa. I first met the group, and Venessa, at the Luv-A-Bull festival in Austin, TX. My son and I were there with our current dog, Beagle/Terrier mix, and starting talking with the GPBR team. After meeting a couple of the dogs they had with them, I saw of picture of Meco and fell in love. He just looked so gentle and low-key. At the festival, I spoke with Venessa, who was fostering Meco, and talked about our current situation and whether Meco would be a good fit. A couple of days after the festival, I finally filled out the application. We heard back from GPBR immediately and discussed arrangements for introducing Meco to the family, 2 kids + current dog. Surprisingly, Venessa was willing to drive from Houston to Austin and bring Meco, Once at they house GPBR spent a couple of hours with us, first introducing Meco to my wife and I, then the kids and finally, our current dog. There was never any sense of rushing us to make a decision or wanting to leave. It couldn't have been a better experience. Meco fits in with our family so well and we couldn't be happier. The folks at GPBR are friendly and excellent to work with. Thanks to everyone at GPBR for helping us find the newest member of our family
253775_10150199403397653_528242652_7471561_5883104_nI just wanted everyone to know what a wonderful experience we had with GPBR. We could not be happier with our adopted baby Hamill. He has been the best dog, he fits in with our family so well, I really can't imagine my family without him. Everyone with GPBR was so helpful, guiding us to the perfect fit for our family. Thank you to everyone at GPBR and to my Hamill baby for loving us as much as we love you. 

photo3Nike, our first Pit Bull, came to us by accident. She belonged to a well-intentioned friend who did not have the time or space for a dog. She stayed in our yard as an alternative to being passed around from friend to friend, bathroom to garage or being left tied to random trees, sometimes for days without food or water. We quickly fell in love with her warm, calm and gentle demeanor and eventually claimed her as our own. That was 13 ½ years ago! Nike has been a loving and loyal member of our family, a wonderful and gentle playmate to our young children and other dogs, and a source of love and even laughs with her comical ways.

Last year, Nike was diagnosed with cancer prompting us to wonder whether we would own another Pit Bull, a breed that comes with such a negative stereotype and that frequently attracts glances of hatred or fear or negative comments. As luck would have it, we met 5 month old Lily at a Guardian fundraiser one afternoon. Lily had already survived a mild case of Parvo after having been dumped off at an animal shelter by a breeder who didn’t like the puppies’ markings. She was shy but sweet and extremely affectionate and playful. We fell in love and decided that yes, we would do it again. We are indebted to this breed in repayment for so many years of loyalty, companionship, service and affection. I’m so grateful to have met Aaron and Tanya and to be a part of Guardian Pit Bull Rescue.

67799_10150101558507502_507287501_7312699_7782155_nDuring the summer of 2010 my fiancé & I started discussing getting a dog, but I was skeptical. I've had a Pit Bull before that had the keys to my heart & was killed by a viscous man. After that I swore I could never have a dog again, much less a Pit Bull. I didn't think any dog would ever live up to the standards she had set.

When we began looking I started looking at bull dogs & boxers and eventually came to the conclusion that I'm just a pit bull kind of girl :) I decided to take the step to start looking for Pit Bull s. I had found Guardian Pit Bull Rescue online & viewed their available dogs. I called Aaron before I headed to the adoption event and he was more than helpful so this was very comforting especially in my circumstance. Once I met Aaron at the adoption event he told us that he fosters most of the dogs himself or as many as he can and started this organization because he & his fiancé volunteered at Montgomery County Animal Shelter & saw a need for homes for Pit Bull s. I was overwhelmed that Aaron & his fiancé Tanya saw a need and because of the generosity of two people these Pit Bull s have a chance at life.

The dog we ended up adopting, June Bug, was not actually at the event but the dogs who were at the event were very well behaved & I was also impressed by this. I gave Aaron my information to come do a home inspection (basically a background check, which was also comforting) and asked him to bring June if he could get a hold of her foster home. The very next day Aaron & Tanya drove to our house & brought two dogs (I was also interested in Princess). It was hard for me to decide just because I didn't want to have to tell one of them no. Both Aaron & Tanya did not pressure us at all & just reassured us that it was our decision and to do what feels right. They let us get to know the dogs & were very patient with me :)

Once I decided it was June that I wanted it felt so right, Aaron & Tanya then gave me paperwork to fill out & took our first family picture. Our life has definitely been so much more fulfilled since that night, she is the sweetest dog and is such a big baby. We have Aaron & Tanya to thank for that and their passion for Pit Bull s. I am so thankful they made this experience enjoyable & reassuring for me, especially in my fragile circumstance. They truly are Guardians, my cup runneth over.

bella222"We found Bella by accident. We had just lost our Boxer who was a beloved family pet and were determined to find another perfect family dog. I wouldn't have ever thought it would be a Pit Bull. I was always the mother who pulled her kids away and taught my children to be terrified of Pit Bulls. This all came to a  screeching hault when we met Bella at the adoption tent and immediately loved her. She immediately came to us and rested her head in our hand. She was very quiet, very timid. Shortly after our first meeting with Bella we started volunteering at MCAS walking dogs, and what I learned was amazing. I have walked about 20 different Pit Bulls, some puppies, some elderly, some very intimidating in size, and some docile as deer.   I am no longer the mother pulling her kids back. I am now the mother encouraging my kids to give a loving animal a chance. Out of 20 I had walked, how many frightened me, or snapped at me? The answer is none. From here I began to read and to research the breed, trying to soak in as much information on how to do this the right way to ensure safety for my kids, and a loving family pet. Two more visits to Bella and she came home to live with us. I am amazed every day by how much she trusts us after being discarded and not protected by her previous owner.  There is no grudge held, no aggression, all I see is a warm dog curled up against me thankful for a second chance."